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How Wealthfrom helped a local business save money and increase Business were appointed to handle the marketing and advertising for a local start up business called Dryspace Maintain Ltd. During an initial meeting it became apparent that Toni the director had planned on using traditional methods of advertising to promote the business. This included a yellow pages advert and some local press adverts to promote the local aspect of the service. The first problem with this method of promotion was the cost, the Yellow pages ad was to be around £6000 and the local press adverts would run at about £60 per week for a basic black print text ad. This gave an initial budget of £11,750 inc vat for the first year but more importantly as a new advertiser Dryspace would have to fund the £6000+vat up front for yellow pages and one months local press charges up front too (to get the lower card rate). The cost of all this meant an up front payment of around £6,240.00 + vat total - just short of £7,500.00  Add to this whatever time Toni had to spend on creating, booking and placing the ads. The second problem was that the yellow pages had recently been published and it was some 10 months to the new publication date - a long time to wait for customers.

At we use our simple logic approach to this. We take all the facts, check viability and create the outline for your advertising program.

In the case for Dryspace Maintain it looked like this...

1.Timescale, ASAP - easy, we could be up and running in *days not months.
2. Budget, £10,000 - easy, can shatter this budget with a very effective campaign.
3. Cashflow - No problem, Wealthfrom works on a low ongoing **monthly payment system where clients pay for work as it is done and not up front. This includes all costs, fees and design works. In this particular case the costs worked out as follows - Initial set up, website design and creation, Initial SEO, sitemap, google places, advertising campaign, text campaign, QR codes and directory entries = 6 months at £200, ongoing cost after six months of £60.00 which includes ongoing site seo, site changes and updates, local press ad, one additional web page every six months and  ongoing consultancy all included in the price. Total cost year 1 £1320.00, total cost year 2
4. Results must be trackable - Yes, We include a full statistics suite with our website packages, you can log in 24/7 and look at live, real time results to see how your site is performing.

* Average campaign tunaround time to live start is around 10 days
** Wealthfrom systems are paid on an an as delivered basis, whilst you will be found online from day one the systems we use will take around six months to reach full strength, this is due to outside influences and listing, directory and Google turnarounds.
*** Our website partners are our sister company www.Davison, all their fees and costs are fully included in our illustrations.