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Business Building - the future

Over the years I have owned and operated several businesses, with the benefit of hindsight I can see how the finances of those businesses were utilised. A large proportion of our budget was always taken up by the prohibitive cost of advertising. In most businesses advertising is an important part of the sales process, in some businesses it is the very lifeblood.
The thing I most hated about advertising was that about half of it did work and half of it did not work. The half that did work was essential  to maintain the flow of customers and therefore new contracts into the company. The mainstay of my advertising budget was the Yellow pages Directory. This did in fact bring in consistant phonecalls. It was however, very expensive. Some years I placed over twenty thousand pounds (that was £1833.00 per month) worth of advertising to keep the enquiries at a growth level, I was also placing ads in the local paper or in a glossy magazine, with this style of advert the volumel of enquiries appeared to decrease but the value of sales seemed to increase. 
The only way to find out what was working and what was not, whilst trying to understand why was to test every bit of marketing and advertising we did, this could become an obsession, it takes a lot of time and effort to find out exactly what is what. In fact it became so bad I decided to try a professional marketing company to give me a better Idea as to what was worth its money in marketing and advertising. Unfortunately this proved to be a very expensive excersise, the only thing that these guys seemed to be accomplished at Marketing and selling was themselves.  I have to say they were the most agrovating people I have ever dealt with, awfull buzz words for everything, enthuisiasm beyond belief (especially when using my money) and they could even find an up side in wasting a fortune on a failed campaign?
It panned out that they had no more idea than I did. I asked the owner of the marketing company whatMarketing, you need a Crystal Ball was the most successful method of marketing my business, he said (quite correctly) that it could only be discovered by trial, error and testing. I pointed out that I thought I was hiring them for their experience and expertees, he agreed, but added that he could only do so much and he didn't have a crystal ball! That was the final straw, I had already been doing that myself and did not value my time at any where near what they were charging me. I booted them out and decided to stick with the Yellow Directory, at Least I knew that worked!

The reason I knew the Yellow Directory worked was because I advertised in it using a stand alone phone line and number, that way we knew that every call that came in was from only that source. Everything else we had listed used a different phone number including our letter heads, cards and receipts.
I sold that business and moved on.                                                                       
Several years later I set up a new company in a similar field, I again advertised in the Yellow Directories but this time I was extremely dissapointed by the return, I had just assumed it would work the same but had not taken into consideration one very important factor.......

The Internet

Times they were a changing, it was now 2005 and what started out as a gimmick was beginning to take on a life of it's own. I had witnessed the start of the internet and seen the dot com explosion, in fact the nineties almost seemed to make and break the internet in a short time. The stock market and banks suddenly rushed to invest vast sums in the dot com revolution and over valued it, boom and bust. But bust it was not, just sort of set back a bit. In the last few years we have seen a quantum leap in the commercial usage of the internet, this is mainly due to the falling price of things and the fact that almost everyone in the developed world now seems to have easy and affordable access to the web. Unfortunately this seems to have had a devastating effect on our old friends the Yellow Directories, why do you think that is? It is because things just got a lot easier over the last five years, and in the last year ?

A Quantum leap is now taking place

Well here is my take on the situation.
This is the age of the quick fix and people are getting lazy, if there is a faster or easier way to do something they will take it. So if someone needs information or the number of a company or business what will they do - they will look it up on the internet, it is quick and it is easy. Wait you scream, what if they are not beside a computer, surely it is easier to pick up the yellow pages then? Well that is where the quantum leap is now taking place


Is this the death of the yellow pagesIs this the death of the yellow directory?

Over the last couple of years, another quiet revolution has taken place. There has been a big stride forward in mobile devices, by mobile devices I mean mobile phones, ipads etc. The mobile phone has morphed into the smartphone and it is basically a computer that makes phonecalls. At the time of writing the mobile internet platforms are starting to outnumber the traditional PC's and laptops in volumes used to access the internet. Things have now turned on their head, for the very first time it is easier to find what you want online. If you think about this logically, who is going to get up and go looking for the yellow directory when they can simply pull their phone out of their pocket and search online without moving out of their seat? And if they are not at home or just do not have access to a directory - well that is an absolute no brainer.

It's happening everywhere
Mum browsing in car
Drive past any school at hometime, look at the mums waiting in their cars for kids to come out, what are they doing - they are surfing or talking on their phone. At the bus stop or train station, what are people doing? They are talking or listening to music on their phones or surfing the internet on them. What is now taking place in the financial world - you are going to pay for things with your phone, yes it is happening all around us, the shift is taking place. If you can find a teenager who does not have a mobile phone today you can bet they are an oddity Todays kids are growing up with technology, and that is the future, and it is hitting us like an express train.

Are you wasting your money

Technology is moving on at an incredible pace, and the majority of people are quickly adapting to it. It is no good Wasting your money investing in outdated or even current trends, we have to look to the future, the future is mobile. Development of current mobile platforms is in it's infancy, I predict that phones and browsers will move to watch format next, we wont need a keyboard we will talk to it and the images will be on a small watch touchscreen with the option of projecting the images or video onto any flat surface! but that is a different story, nevertheless it will be mobile.

What Next?

On our Website Services page you will see a list of options, all working on PC and Mobile platform ready for the future. You can have anything from a 2 page presence (or feeder site) up to a fifteen page site. If you require anything not offered please contact us for a bespoke price.